20 Quality Brands to Look for on Your Next Thrifting Trip

Thrifting can be an overwhelming experience if you don’t know what to look for. Depending on which lens you’re wearing, you might see chaos and destruction when you look around– or you might see possibility. The treasures are there, if you just know what to look for. But to know what to look for you need to be aware of two things. Your own personal style, and what brands to look for.

If you’re like me when I first started thrifting, you just go through the racks of clothes looking for a piece that might catch your eye, then check the size, and grab it if it looks like it’s in decent condition. You might notice the brand but it doesn’t make a significant impact on whether you pick up the item or not. After all, as long as you like the outfit, the brand doesn’t matter right? 


We’re here to tell you that the brand does matter. By shopping for better brands, you guarantee quality, long lasting pieces with better fit and material. This also means you’re paying less for mid to high range clothing, and actually receiving a big discount. That wouldn’t be the case if you just picked up any poor quality item from a fast fashion brand off the rack. Why shop to save a few bucks when you can save hundreds and curate a long lasting, high quality wardrobe in the process? 

Which brings up the question… which brands should we look for? Here’s a guide to 20 quality brands to watch out for based on your favorite styles (we’ve found these at the thrift store ourselves, so we know you can too!):

Minimalist - This timeless and classic look is great for the office or any professional setting, uses clean lines, and will generally last a long time.

  1. Theory 
  2. Vince
  3. Eileen Fisher
  4. Hugo Boss
  5. MM Lafleur

Contemporary - Current on styles and trends, these brands have styles that range from boho chic to minimalist. The quality is top notch, and they up the ante with small details like unique necklines or crochet.

  1. Alice + Olivia
  2. Veronica Beard
  3. Marissa Webb
  4. Diane von Furstenberg
  5. Tory Burch
  6. Club Monaco
  7. Ted Baker
  8. Cynthia Rowley
  9. Cinq a Sept

Sustainable Brands - Sustainable fashion brands on a mission!

  1. Everlane (known for being transparent and a lower price point for being sustainable)
  2. Reformation(this brand is a cult favorite, they have get fit, styling, and always on trend)


Bohemian - These are quality brands with all the extra flare and details that make their pieces stand out.

  1. Johnny Was
  2. Farm Rio
  3. Spell & the Gypsy
  4. Free People

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