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Emmi's Closet offers a sustainable and ethical shopping experience for the stylish, fashion-conscious shopper. Learn more about us.

Join us on our mission to reduce fashion waste by choosing secondhand or eco-friendly textile when shopping for your next OOTD. Dressing sustainably starts with buying with a purpose and for longevity. For us, this means going for quality and timeless pieces that will create multiple uses of a single item. It is also about making a conscious decision to search out secondhand or choose clothing made of eco-friendly textile.

Save money (and the planet!) while you shop!

The Only Thrifting Guide You'll Need

Thrifting can be overwhelming but you'll only need these five simple tips for finding the best items at the thrift store.

Sustainability + Style

You don’t have to compromise your style to dress sustainably, the two make a great pair! We’re here to help you find that balance between being intentional and fashionable. Check out our blog for ways to lead a more earth-friendly lifestyle starting with how you shop and look great doing it!